Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks
Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks
Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks
Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks
Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks
Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks
Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks
Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks

Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks

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Step into a world filled with wonder and learning with our Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks, specifically designed to kindle your child's intellectual curiosity and enhance their love for learning. These magical copybooks transcend ordinary educational tools by offering a unique and interactive way to master handwriting, basic math, drawing, and more, fostering a deep-seated passion for discovery and knowledge.


  • Interactive and Engaging: These copybooks come to life with activities that guide your child through the fundamentals of handwriting, arithmetic, and drawing, making learning an enchanting experience.
  • Safe and Reusable: Created with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, these books are not only safe for your child but also designed for repeated use, thanks to the erasable feature that allows practices to be wiped clean.
  • Educational and Fun: Each page is a new adventure, blending education with entertainment to keep your child engaged and eager to learn, turning practice time into an enjoyable ritual.
  • Comprehensive Learning Toolkit: These books have wide array of subjects, from letters and numbers to shapes and scenes, providing a holistic educational experience that touches on various aspects of early learning.
  • Materials: Durable, wipe-clean paper pages designed for endless practice.
  • The dimension of the book is 13 cm x 19 cm or about 5.1 in x 7.5 in.
  • Package Includes: A bundle of 4 books along with one magic pen and 6 refills, ensuring a complete, ready-to-use learning set.


  • Trace and Learn: Encourage your child to follow the guided patterns and exercises, enhancing their handwriting skills, mathematical understanding, and artistic abilities.
  • Interactive Sessions: Make learning a shared experience by engaging with your child as they explore each page, offering support and encouragement along the way.
  • Creative Exploration: Beyond the structured activities, these books can be a canvas for your child's imagination, allowing them to experiment and create freely.
  • Progress and Repeat: Thanks to the erasable pages, your child can practice to perfection, erasing and retrying until they master each skill.


Our Kid's Magic Groove Copybooks are crafted with your child's educational growth and safety as a priority. We recommend adult supervision to enrich the learning experience and ensure a supportive, secure environment for exploration and growth. Embrace this magical approach to early education, where every page turn is a step toward a lifetime of learning and discovery.