Dino Knit Socks (5 pairs bundle)
Dino Knit Socks (5 pairs bundle)
Dino Knit Socks (5 pairs bundle)
Dino Knit Socks (5 pairs bundle)
Dino Knit Socks (5 pairs bundle)

Dino Knit Socks (5 pairs bundle)

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Size:Medium (15 cm x 11 cm/5.9 in x 4.3 in)

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Introduce your little explorer to the world of fun and comfort with our Dino Knit Socks. These socks aren't just about keeping tiny toes warm; they're a ticket to imagination, where every pattern tells a story of prehistoric adventures and playful escapades. Designed with care and thought for the active child, these socks are the foundation for countless adventures and discoveries.


  • Comfortable and Breathable Knit: Crafted with soft, stretchy fabric, these socks ensure a comfortable fit, allowing your child's feet to breathe and stay comfortable throughout the day.
  • Fun and Engaging Designs: Each pair boasts a unique dinosaur print, sparking joy and creativity in your child's daily outfits and making getting dressed an exciting part of the day.
  • Durable for Active Play: Engineered to withstand the rigors of childhood play, these socks are durable enough to keep up with your child, whether they're at school, the playground, or exploring the great outdoors.
  • Perfect Fit for Growing Feet: With stretchy material and two sizes, these socks are designed to accommodate growing feet, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit for boys of various ages.
  • The dimension of the Medium size is: 15 cm x 11 cm or about 5.9 in x 4.3 in.
  • The dimension of the Large size is: 16 cm x 12 cm or about 6.3 in x 4.7 in.
  • Pack and Care Details: This set includes 5 pairs of socks, ensuring you have a fresh pair for each school day. Made from high-quality cotton, durable nylon and long-lasting spandex, they're machine washable for easy maintenance.


  • Dress for Adventure: Choose a pair with your child's favorite dinosaur and watch their imagination come to life as they set off for the day's adventures.
  • Encourage Independence: The easy-to-wear design promotes independence, allowing your child to put on and take off their socks with ease.
  • Versatile Wear: Perfect for any setting, these socks are ideal for school, playdates, or family outings, adding a fun twist to any outfit.
  • Simple Care Routine: After a day of adventures, simply toss the socks in the wash with similar colors for hassle-free cleaning.


While the Dino Knit Socks are designed for durability and comfort, always check for the right fit to ensure the socks aren't too tight around your child's ankles. Keep your child's wardrobe ready for action with these playful, comfortable, and durable socks, making every day an adventure.