Anti-Stress Dumpling Squishy
Anti-Stress Dumpling Squishy
Anti-Stress Dumpling Squishy
Anti-Stress Dumpling Squishy
Anti-Stress Dumpling Squishy
Anti-Stress Dumpling Squishy

Anti-Stress Dumpling Squishy

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Introducing our delightful Anti-Stress Dumpling Squishy, the perfect companion for stress relief and endless fun. Designed to capture the hearts of both kids and adults, this adorable stress toy combines cuteness with functionality, making it an ideal tool for relaxation and imaginative play. Let the soft, squishy texture and charming design melt away your worries, providing hours of entertainment for children of all ages.


  • Soothing Comfort and Stress Relief: Crafted to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, this Dumpling Squishy offers a satisfying squeeze, ideal for stress relief, anxiety reduction, and sensory play.
  • Safe and Child-Friendly Design: Made with non-toxic, soft materials, this squishy is safe for children to play with and durable enough to withstand repeated squeezes and squishes.
  • Easy to Use and Clean: The smooth, water-resistant surface makes it easy to clean with just a damp cloth, ensuring it stays fresh and hygienic for everyday use.
  • Inspires Creativity and Calm: Not just a stress-reliever, this cute Anti-stress Dumpling Squishy serves as a whimsical addition to creative playtime, storytelling, and imaginative scenarios, encouraging peaceful and creative moments.
  • Portable and Convenient: Compact in size, it can easily be carried in a pocket or bag, making it the perfect travel-friendly companion for comfort and play on the go.
  • Materials: The dumpling is made from high quality TPR. The steamer is made from highly-durable PP.
  • Dimensions: This charming squishy measures approximately 8 cm or about 3.1 in diameter, making it the perfect size for little hands to hold and squeeze. The steamer dimension is 10 cm x 10 cm x 6 cm or about 3.9 in x 3.9 in x 2.4 in.


  • Squeeze and Relax: Hold the Anti-stress Dumpling Squishy in your hand and squeeze gently to relieve stress, improve focus, or simply enjoy the comforting sensation.
  • Incorporate into Play: Use the Anti-stress Dumpling Squishy as a playful character in imaginative stories, or as a calming tool during quiet time or bedtime routines.
  • Care and Maintenance: Keep your Anti-stress Dumpling Squishy clean and soft by wiping it with a damp cloth as needed, avoiding harsh chemicals to maintain its texture and appearance.


While the Anti-stress Dumpling Squishy is designed for durability and safety, it's recommended to supervise young children during play to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. This product is intended for stress relief and imaginative play, not as a chew toy or for aggressive use.